Friday, April 5, 2013

Too often

Ok so I have a business called Syd's Kids
And I love it and it is so well in business that I am doing almost too often like taking away from my fam-fam time and not getting to do what they do and I want to I just am so busy and I need advice sorry I haven't written in a long long time I guess I just have spring break :) <3 I wentt grandmas earlier also so I will put some pictures of what we did and I love taking photo shoots so I have some pics on that :) I need advice about my business because I hope I am not found it to often ;/ and yea I will put some of my babysitting ( I had to twice in 1 day)
Syd <3


Anita Archer said...

I've never known anyone to have this dilemma before! When will Bella be old enough to babysit? She should take the babysitting class too. Then you could share the jobs. In the meantime maybe you'll have to put a limit on how many jobs you take each week.
I love your pictures! I'm so glad you had fun last weekend at my house. I love you!

Pamela said...

Great pictures my dear! As far as work, which is how you need to look at this business, you need to look at each job and consider the amount of time it will take and if there is something you feel is a better use of your time. Don't miss too much family and fun time, that time is just as important as working.
I love you and think you are an amazing girl!