Friday, April 5, 2013

Too often

Ok so I have a business called Syd's Kids
And I love it and it is so well in business that I am doing almost too often like taking away from my fam-fam time and not getting to do what they do and I want to I just am so busy and I need advice sorry I haven't written in a long long time I guess I just have spring break :) <3 I wentt grandmas earlier also so I will put some pictures of what we did and I love taking photo shoots so I have some pics on that :) I need advice about my business because I hope I am not found it to often ;/ and yea I will put some of my babysitting ( I had to twice in 1 day)
Syd <3

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hi everyone! So I know I haven't written in forever it's not that I don't want to, I really love writing blogs , it helps us clear our mind and what is going on. So I am writing this on the bus and I am about to go to school but I thought I would try to write now since I haven't because I have been busy but any-who! So yesterday I rode a horse name Lucy! She came to Topcrest in late October and was so skinny and unhealthy that they didn't know if she could make it! She is a wonderful horse though! She made if and I am so glad! I wish I had a picture of her, I will try to. I have ridden like dozens of different horses since I have been at Topcrest and it is really fun! I believe that riding different horses helps people get
better. I want to get Better and I believe i am getting better! I hope I can go to the Olympics! There is a quote that says "If your not scared of your dreams than there not enough! " So that dream is pretty scary, so it's big enough! Some dates that are coming up for me: this weekend (nothing special going on except Riding , that's special) than spring break which is soon and I am happy! Hope you all have a great day! Byes love ❤Syd! I will write later!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ba-bah and technology

Hello, so every night I call my grandma and haven't missed a night since jan .1 2013 and so late ,always very late I Call and This has never happened with me and grandma before ... She didn't answer ok so I try again.. No Answer! Then I wait an try and 10 mins later I try, no answer so I am really worried and leave messages and I would read again , no answer and by fix time it was almost 12 in the morning so I had to get to bed :( I called grandma today and it turns out that it was dumb technology I was so mad the phone decided not to ring!! I hate it when these things all have a mind of there own.! The title mount seems strange but I rode a ex-racehorse today and that means that he was on the track less than 6 months ago well it doesn't have to be a exact time but that's when Bu -babas is so I got a picture of This cutie and he is super cute! Thanks everyone And I will talk to you all later.! Love Syd <3

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello! So today I had another busy day as usual and extra studying! I I went to Bensons and stayed there for a while as we took walks and Made a snowman? Yes I am a teenager who loves to be outside and still act like a kid, I really still am one so I enjoy making snowman still to This day! I will show you a picture and I Hope everyone had a great day and I will talk to everyone soon! Love Syd! <3

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hi everyone I almost didn't get to write a blog today because I need to keep up with school and I strive to get the best grade I can and that is usually A's and B's and I have gotten lower in math and I try so hard to succeed but sometimes knee activities keep me from getting all A's like pony club and riding and babysitting or dog walking and church . Family and friends but my life wouldn't be nearly as exciting or interesting, I am never bored and that's because I am always studying and practicing and I try to be busy because it honestly is a lot of work and difficult I go to bed late and wake up early but I think I will have a better future if I keep busy and no lazy and it is very fun for me to do it this way! I have pony club quiz rally coming up and it is a whole weekend of testing about horses and I am trying so hard for that and I have school work and flute and keeping up a business is hard, but as I have said in other blogs my dads and my motto is "Hard is good!" I know better than to complain in front of my dad because I know he is going to say .... GOOD you need hard! And I have a sudden boost of confidence and I know I can do it! So I move on and keep trying my best and keeping things Hard! Hard is great and I like that! Thanks for listening! Syd

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surgery's and other days!

Hello, yesterday we all know my sister had surgery and I don't know everything about it but I do know that they went in her foot
and did different surgery's (3) differ things done to her foot, I am not the person to talk to about that because I am not completely sure but I do know that she is (was) severally flat footed and it was hiring her because her foot likes it is going in the ground and has no arch AT ALL! So soon she will be a Archer with a Arch!! Haha well she got surgery Feb.25 and she missed a week of school and now she will be there Monday because today is March 2 (almost 3rd) and she will be going to school the 4th! So she has a pink and blue cast and it looks cool and we keep it propped up a lot and we are doing everything we can to make her comfy and relaxed and good, and she feels good. She can't feel her big toe yet though( numbing medicine ) so she is alright otherwise! We have a cool scooter thing she can put her knee on and crutches that she is getting good at and it's a good thing she is getting good Because she is gonna have it on for 6-8 weeks and she will get her cast changed a couple times in that time, then physical therapy and a couple weeks to make sure it is fully healed and then she will have to start the next foot! Then she will have a brand new pair of feet! We had a Dr.Seuss reading night on Friday night and it was just a night with activities about reading a fun night for a Dr.Seuss birthday celebration and I was running the obstacle course station and Bella won because of her scooter so I will show you lots of pics and talk to you all later! Syd
Oh and p.s. I babysat tonight so those are the Pics of Max ,and I wore homemade dogs ears for the go-dog -go obstacle corse!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A different day

Hello,today I had a different day then expected because I was going to go to my Nana's and Papa's (they have different houses) and anyway I was going to see them and the roads were to bad by them (Clio, Flint area) so my mom said "Ok we will go tomorrow to visit instead so when I woke up I thought we were still going so it was a different day then I expected because I spent the day doing… a lot of other things! First I had breakfast,then I got ready and made my bed and stuff, then I went out to eat at the hospital cafe( we like to eat there, they have good food but nobody was hurt!) after we went and got me and my sisters hair cut and our neighbor came along and so after that we hade to get my sisters crutches for surgery( that will be in a blog coming up) she will also have a scooter thing to ride when she has a cast on! Then we went to the mall and shopped a lot and I can show you what I got and after we came home and played instruments for a while then we went out to eat for dinner.(my sis will not be able to as much with her surgery so we are taking advantage of her being well and going out) now we are back home and tomorrow we will see my grandparents. So today was a different than expected day and I had fun so I hope everyone had a good day and I will talk to you all soon!
Peace out (first pic are mussels at the restaurant ...haven't tried yet but people at my table did)
Syd <3